UC San Diego Career Center is funded primarily by student services fees.

New Admit or Re-Admit UC San Diego Students

Undergraduate students who are new admits or re-admitted to the University and who have paid their UC San Diego Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) fee (or are EOP:  SIR waived), or the re-admission application fee may use the services at the Career Center one quarter prior to attendance.  Newly admitted graduate students are eligible to use the services once they accept admission to UC San Diego.

Recent UC San Diego Graduates

UC San Diego graduates have access to a variety of programs and services at the Career Center. For a full list of services, please see Especially for Alumni.

Continuing UC San Diego Students (not registered for UC San Diego Summer Session)

Students registered in the spring quarter for the up-coming fall quarter have complete access to the Career Center during the summer, including on-campus employment opportunities.

Summer Session Students

Students registered for Summer Session at UC San Diego have access to the Career Center through the summer, with the exception of on-campus student employment opportunities.

UC San Diego OAP Students

Students in the Opportunities Abroad Program do not pay student services fees to UC San Diego.  With certification from the OAP office (International Center), they may use the services at the Career Center.  Application to on-campus positions may not be made until student services fees to UC San Diego have been paid.

UC San Diego Graduate Students

All UC San Diego PhD and Master's students who are continuing students and currently enrolled or conducting research have complete access to the Career Center.  Students on a leave of absence, or who have withdrawn from UC San Diego, are not eligible.

PhD students who are no longer enrolled but continuing to work on their dissertation, and who are not officially on leave, may continue to use the Career Center.  These students should provide an email or signed memo from their department's graduate coordinator or advisor, verifying their status. 

UC San Diego Grad Students During Summer Session

To gain access to the Career Center during Summer Session, a graduate student who was enrolled in the spring must first register for fall courses.  For students not taking fall classes and only conducting independent thesis research, please enroll in your independent research course.  Once enrolled, please contact the Career Center who will grant you access to all services offered by the Career Center for the summer.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff are eligible to utilize the UC San Diego Career Connection program through campus Human Resources which provides a variety of free career development resources. 

Not Eligible for Services

The following are not eligible to services at the Career Center: students and alumni from other higher education institutions (not registered for UC San Diego Summer Session or Alumni Career Plus), irrespective of letters of reciprocity; University Extension or Concurrent students; Post-Docs and others who do not pay UC San Diego registration fees.