Wil Dyer

Associate Director, Industry Engagement & Alumni Outreach

My role at UC San Diego

Develop and cultivate corporate relationships with top employers recruiting our engineering students, and build a recruitment pipeline between the companies and UC San Diego. Additionally, act as the liaison between employers and the Professional Advising Services staff, providing insights for student preparedness for the workplace.

My career path

A career in community outreach and engagement, relationship building and management, and networking.

The rewards in doing what I do

Building and managing relationships with people and seeing these relationships evolve into alumni and companies giving back by partnering with the university and helping our students get hired in a generation where the value of higher education is constantly scrutinized.

My words of wisdom to students

When deciding on majors, jobs and career paths, find a good balance between your skills, gifts and passions, and industry trends. Don’t pick a major just to get a high-paying job, but similarly don’t pick a major just because you think it’s fun. Take a close look at industry trends and pair that with your personal skills, gifts and passions. Also, don’t be afraid to get an internship as early as freshman or sophomore year – you are getting one of the best educations in the world, now go put it to work!

In my free time...

I enjoy spending time with my wife and close friends, taking trips to the San Diego Zoo, playing games, and enjoying all that San Diego has to offer, including the delicious craft food and beer scene. I am also an avid sports fan and player, and I especially enjoy playing basketball!

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