Experiential Learning Opportunities

UC San Diego First Destination Survey

Recent graduates reported a variety of experiences as undergraduates that helped to prepare them for finding employment or for obtaining admission to professional and graduate school.  Those experiences fall into eight major categories:

  • Community Service/Service Learning
  • Research
  • Internship/ practicum/ field experience/ or field studies
  • Campus Employment/ Work Study
  • Study Abroad
  • Greek Life
  • NCAA Division II Athletics

While a higher percentage of employed graduates participated in most types of Experiential Learning opportunities compared to their enrolled counterparts, there were notable differences among the categories as illustrated by the chart below.

  • Employed graduates reported participation in research activities 23% higher than the enrolled group.
  • The rate of Community Service/Service Learning was higher among the employed group.
  • Over three-quarters of employed respondents and 23% of those enrolled participated in an internship, practicum, or field experience. 
  • Approximately 28% of employed respondents and 9% of those enrolled reported Study Abroad experiences.

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