Sharing Career Expertise with Current Students

As a graduate, you have valuable professional and life experience to share with undergraduate students. We welcome alumni to participate in ongoing career development of the student body by participating in Career Services programs.

Get Involved

The Career Services Center organizes events aimed at strategically connecting students with professionals.  These events include career panels, targeted industry networking nights, and academic career conferences.

UC San Diego students are eager to interact with successful alumni in their fields of interest. Alumni interface with other leading experts, faculty, and industry leaders while providing valuable insight to current students, aiding them along their career path.

We encourage you to get involved in Career Services events as a unique way to make a difference in the lives of students.  Please refer any fellow alumni from your program who you think would be good speakers for career-related events, and we'll follow up with them. Contact Lauren Payne if you would like to participate in events such as these.