Careers in Academia

The Career Center offers programs and online resources to assist graduate students with the junior faculty and postdoctoral job search. These resources greatly complement, but do not replace, the specialized knowledge that faculty and alumni in your academic department can share with you in your specific discipline. Because practices vary among academic disciplines, job candidates are encouraged to work closely with their departments, in addition to the Career  Center.

Advertised Positions

Grad Services
Most tenure-track positions are advertised nationally through multiple sources. General resources are listed below. Job candidates need to be aware of the opportunities within their discipline, which are shared in scholarly newsletters and journals, by job-email alert services, and with postings at conferences.

Surviving the Job Search

Understanding the academic hiring process prior to sending out application materials will greatly help you effectively and efficiently approach institutions. Review the UC San Diego  Academic Job Search Survival HandbookPDF document icon to understand the hiring process from the institution's perspective and obtain information on creating effective application materials, preparing for interviews, campus visits, the job talk, and negotiating an offer with confidence.

Search for Jobs

The Chronicle of Higher Education is the most well-known resource for comprehensive information concerning the academic market.  Subscribers receive the weekly print version and access to all articles and resources online. Most of the Chronicle is accessible online to non-subscribers. Readers can also utilize their job alert service

Scholarly & Professional Societies a searchable database of over 1700 scholarly associations. Below are links to several additional, discipline and area-specific resources compiled by the by the University of Waterloo

Academic 360 & Inside Higher Ed provide resources on an array of scholarly organizations, listservs, and other discipline-specific career-related information, and can aid in identifying where to find academic and nonacademic job postings provides job and postdoc listings, mostly in science, math, engineering, but not exclusively, as well as valuable articles and advice

Adjunct Nation offers news and opinion articles, job postings, and analysis for the adjunct educators

Research & Policy

Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching  Jobs and resources in higher education research and policy  

Dual Career Couples

Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC) is a web-based search engine that includes faculty and staff job listings at all member institutions in the US and provides resources focused on helping dual-career couples

Application Materials

Comprehensive resources to help you create an effective letter, research statement and teaching philosophy, plus relevant and impactful CVs and resumes allowing your application to standout amongst the crowded job market:

Create an Effective Letter and CVAcademic Job Search Handbook - UCSD  Tips and samples from the Academic Job Search HandbookAcademic Job Search Handbook - UCSD, Career Services Center - UC San Diego

Karen Kelsky's The Professor Is In: The Essential Guide to Turning Your Ph.D. Into a Job and her blog,, offer incisive wisdom about academic hiring and preparing effectively for the job market.

CVs - Elements Of and How to Put Them Together  Courtesy of UC Berkeley

Application Materials & Samples Courtesy of the University of Virginia

Teaching Statement and Portfollio

How to Write a Teaching Statement that Sings  Free downloadable booklet available through Chronicle Vitae

Elements of an Effective Teaching Portfolio Courtesy of UC Berkeley

Interviews & Negotiation

Salaries & Benefits

Average Faculty Salaries The Chronicle of Higher Education

AAUP Faculty Salary Survey American Association of University Professors


Postdoctoral Experience

Top general resources supporting your search and application for postdoctoral and visiting scholar positions worldwide, including teaching and within industry:


Teaching Postdocs courtesy of the National Postdoctoral Association

Institutional Research & Academic Career Development Awards (IRACDA) NIH funded program in the life and biomedical sciences


Teaching Institutions

Many grad students who decide not to pursue tenure-track faculty positions still want to stay in the world of education. This page offers resources for careers in "teaching institutions," liberal arts colleges, community colleges, and secondary school teaching; and provides access to the valuable Carnegie Classifications of Academic Institions in the US.

Find Jobs & Research Opportunities

The Chronicle of Higher Education is the most well-known resource for comprehensive information concerning the academic market. Subscribers receive the weekly print version and access to all articles and resources online. Most of the Chronicle is accessible online to non-subscribers. Readers can also utilize their job alert service.

Inside Higher Ed Search jobs, resources, opinions, and articles regarding higher education

Adjunct Nation News, opinion, jobs and analysis for the adjunct nation of educators

American Association of Community Colleges (AACC)  View colleges by state, as well as, their affiliations, programs, enrollment and number of faculty members

California Community College Registry (CCC)

Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching Independent policy and research center dedicated to improving teaching and learning at all education levels

Secondary Education

Teaching K-12Teaching K-12  credential, test and application information and resources

National Science Teachers Association  NSTA Career Center is the premier electronic recruitment resource for the industry.

Secondary Education in Charter & Private Schools

National Charter Schools Resource Center  The National Charter School Resource Center serves as a national center to provide on-demand resources, information, and technical assistance to support successful planning, authorizing, implementation, and sustainability of high-quality charter schools.

National Association of Independent Schools  Jobs and information related to opportunities in independent secondary schools


Non-faculty & Administration

Grants & Fellowships

UCSD's Research Funding Opportunities Database

This searchable, user-friendly database contains a comprehensive list of funding opportunities for graduate students, postdocs, and faculty.

Science & Engineering

Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences and Non-Discipline Specific



Recommended Articles & Books



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