Fraudulent Job Postings and Preventative Measures

The UC San Diego Career Services Center is committed to partnering with employment professionals that comply with employment laws in all recruiting activities. Although extremely rare, on occasion a fraudulent posting or employer may make its way into the Port Triton job listings or Career Fair. It is important to pay attention to warning signs to avoid becoming a victim of this illegal activity.

Preventative Measures

Access and verify the company’s website. Search for job postings other than the one job offered. Please note that web pages set up by scammers are usually basic and lack company details. Also, a simple internet search for the company name followed by words such as “fraud”, “scam”, “complaints”, etc., may result in scam reports concerning the company.

Protect yourself and use discretion. Be wary if you are asked to give your social security number by phone, email, or online. Also, never accept any kind of offer to cash checks or money orders on someone’s behalf or provide credit card or bank account numbers over the phone or online with a potential employer.

Look for other “red flags” or warning signs. A few signs that a company or job posting may be fraudulent are: several spelling and grammatical errors, odd job titles, extraordinarily high salaries in exchange for little work, a different email domain in contact information from the public domain, and immediate hire without interview. Keep in mind that there are other ways to be targeted, and it is the responsibility of the seeker to exercise caution when dealing with these types of requests.

Suspect a Fraudulent Job Posting or Employer?

If you suspect a position or employer you encountered through Port Triton or through your UC San Diego email address is fraudulent, please contact Richard Rathburn, Senior Associate Director for Industry Engagement at 858-822-4055.

For additional resources, you can access the Federal Trade Commission website to learn more about fraudulent job postings or how to file a complaint with your local consumer protection agency. 

View the FBI's Public Service Announcement on Employment Scam.