Get A Job

Landing a career position takes time. Be patient with yourself during this process, keep an open mind, and capitalize on chance events as these can turn into job opportunities.  Candidates, who can define their career interests, demonstrate curiosity in a field through involvement in experiential learning, and have effective networking skills find the job search easier to navigate.

Clarify Job Search Goals

Determine which industries and companies hire in your field. Gather information on how your industry likes to recruit candidates as well as which skills and experiences they prefer.

Focus Your Search
Narrow your search by exploring career options and your interests. Consult employer lists and career exploration books at the Career Services Center (CSC) library.

Get Industry Specific Advice 

Explore Careers Requiring Graduate or Professional School
Determine if an advanced degree is needed, how to prepare, and apply.

Review Survey of Recent Graduate Results
See where UC San Diego graduates landed jobs and which strategies worked for them.

Leverage Experiences

Seek opportunities like internships to help develop skills and grow your network.  It’s advisable to approach these experiences in a professional manner.  Your performance often translates to long term job offers or referrals.  According to the Survey of Recent Graduates 38.5% of 2011-12 UC San Diego grads converted their experiences into full time jobs.

Find Internship or Experiential Learning Experiences

Start Local: Seek On-Campus and Off Campus Part Time Jobs via Port Triton

Use Your Work-Study Award to Help Land a Job On Campus

Develop Job Search Skills (Resume, Networking, Interview)

Knowing how to market your skills and experiences on-paper and in-person is critical to landing a job.  Samples of the following are available through the Career Service Center’s Triton Career Guide.    

Create a Strong Resume, CV, and Cover Letter

Practice Interview Skills & Salary Negotiation Techniques

Demonstrate Professionalism & Effective Networking Skills

  • An “employer comes first” attitude is highly valued by recruiters.  Develop excellent communication skills and immerse yourself in your field by reading industry materials. 
  • Develop professional communication skills by participating in CSC programs, including our How to Land a Job Workshop and HDP 98 Career and Professional Development course. 
  • Communication workshops are also available through the Center for Communication and Leadership.

Find Career Opportunities

According to our annual Survey of Recent Grads, the most successful job search methods involve relationship building.  Continue to build your network by immersing yourself in your field of interest through informational interviews and skill development.

Access Your Network
Let previous supervisors and other contacts know about your career interests.  When reaching out to them be sure to demonstrate your desire and ability to help where you can, and ask them to keep you in mind if they hear of opportunities. 

Attend Job Fairs & Networking Nights

Attend Employer Information Sessions
Get recruited by specific companies.  Tip: Alumni often attend these events to network with students. RSVP on Port Triton.

Access Top Companies Through On-Campus Interviews

Find Companies by Industry

Review Job Search Websites

Explore International Work Opportunities: Including Going Global and Peace Corps

Access Career Resources for Student VeteransInternational Students, and Underrepresented Students/Affinity Groups

For additional help, come into the Career Services Center for drop-in hours or schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor via Port Triton.