Psychology & Mental Health Professions

Read our Mental Healthpdf icon guide and visit for an overview of the mental health professions. Click on the program types below to learn how to explore and find schools in these specific fields. 

Upcoming events

Student Organizations

Psi Chi / Psychology Club

Psychology Student Organization

Psi Chi is the National Honor Society in Psychology. Membership is an earned honor which is for life. It may be used for reference purposes such as for graduate school and job applications. It offers the opportunity to present research at science meetings, and to participate in competitions.

Psychology Professional Organizations

The American Psychological Association (APA) is the world's largest organization of psychologists. Students who join have the opportunity to learn more about a career in psychology by subscribing to APA journals and books, and receiving publications containing news of the discipline along with job opportunities. (For information, please write to: American Psychological Association, Membership Office, 750 First Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002-4242.)

The Association for Psychological Science (APS) is a recently created organization of psychologists with similar goals as APA. For more information or joining, please contact: APS, PO Box 90457, Washington, DC 20090-0457.

Explore the Profession

Confirm your interest, prepare academically and develop the necessary skills and experience:

  • Explore your field of interest through relevant classes, majors & minors at UCSD
  • Take any classes that specific schools might require, including economics, political science, area and cultural studies, foreign languages or urban studies
  • Strongly consider Study Abroad
  • Gain experience through Internships, Jobs, or other Experiential Learning opportunities. Search for opportunities via Port Triton
  • Consider the Academic Internship Program for service-learning and community engagement
  • Join an international or policy-related Student Organization or Professional Associations
  • Develop communication and leadership skills through the Center for Student Involvement
  • Gain leadership experience through Student Government or your College

Apply to Graduate School

Before applying to graduate school, you want to consider whether graduate school is right for you.  You want to ask yourself if you actually need a graduate degree to do your ideal job.  To explore that, try looking at some job descriptions of the types of positions you want and see what they are asking for in an applicant.  Once you've determine if graduate school is necessary then you want to select and apply to the program that best fits your professional goals.

Researching programs

Application Process

Paying for graduate school

Get Experience

Beyond the Classroom

Your education doesn't stop when you leave the classroom.  Participate in the special learning opportunities offered through your department and the University to gain a better understanding of Psychology.  Earn academic credit, learn new skills, and prepare for your future!  The Psychology Department accepts the following special learning opportunities toward major and/or minor requirements.  For additional opportunities on- and off-campus that may not count toward your Psychology requirements, please see our Additional Campus Resources page.

Psychology Undergraduate Research
Assist in project design, running subjects, and collecting and evaluating data under the supervision of a faculty member or graduate student.

Psychology Undergraduate Apprentice Teaching
Assist in the classroom, learn the methodologies of teaching, and obtain teaching skills under the supervision of a faculty member or graduate student.

Psychology Undergraduate Internships
Assist in a professional setting under the advisement of a faculty member.

Psychology Education Abroad
Travel abroad and gain educational experience in a setting outside UC San Diego.

Academic Preparation

For additional help, come into the Career Services Center or schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor via Port Triton. Learn more about your Career Advisors and their specializations at the staff directory page.