Students interested in science have a number of resources on campus to learn and explore about the field.    

Upcoming events

Science Departments/Majors/Programs

Get involved with student-run organizations

To see a full list please go to the Student Organization Page.

  • American Chemical Society Student Affiliates
  • Biological Sciences Student Association
  • BioScholars Program
  • Society of Physics Students

Explore the Profession

Discover whether a science career matches your interests, skills and abilities and meets your lifestyle expectations:
  • Explore your field of interest through relevant classes, majors & minors at UCSD
  • Talk to faculty and graduate students in your field
  • Join Student Organizations or Professional Associations in your field
  • Get advice from UCSD alumni in the science field

Prepare and Get Experience

Get Experience

To confirm your interest in a field, to develop the skills and knowledge needed for graduate study, and to prove your abilities to graduate schools, you’ll need to prepare academically and obtain relevant practical experience.

  • Explore your field of interest through relevant classes, majors & minors at UCSD
  • Investigate – Is a Ph.D. Right For You?
  • Pursue Research Opportunities on or off campus
  • Get a relevant Job or Internship
  • Investigate Science Internships or an Academic Internship

Science Companies that UC San Diego works with

Here are some top science companies that UC San Diego works with:

  • Alere
  • Althea Technologies
  • Cymer
  • Dexcom
  • Google
  • Illumina
  • Northrup Grumman
  • Pfizer
  • Pharmatek Labs
  • Qualcomm
  • Thermo Fischer Scientific

Science Positions

Here are some positions that can give you an idea of the types of careers:

  • Associate Project Manager
  • Engineer
  • Lab Assistant
  • Programmer/Analyst
  • Quality Assurance Associate
  • Research Assistant/Associate
  • Research Scientist (PhD)
  • Software Engineer

Apply to Science Graduate Programs

Before applying to graduate school, you want to consider whether graduate school is right for you.  You want to ask yourself if you actually need a graduate degree to do your ideal job.  To explore that, try looking at some job descriptions of the types of positions you want and see what they are asking for in an applicant.  Once you've determine if graduate school is necessary then you want to select and apply to the program that best fits your professional goals.

Researching programs

Application Process

Paying for graduate school

Additional Resources

Alumni can provide an important role in your career development:

  • Use the Alumni Advisor Network for professional development, questions, and as a resource
  • LinkedIn can serve as a great tool to help in your journey.  There you can find alumni in many different companies.

For additional help, come into the Career Services Center or schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor via Port Triton. Learn more about your Career Advisors and their specializations at the staff directory page.