Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)

Learn About Graduate Study

Graduate study in the STEM fields includes academic graduate programs like a Master’s or Ph.D. where you’d study a particular subject in depth for the purpose of advancing knowledge, or professional degree programs like medicine, biotechnology, forensic science, ergonomics or information technology which train you for a specific career path.  There are also
Professional Science Master’s and Engineeringpdf_icon programs which are hybrids of both. 

  • Read our guide to Academic Graduate Programspdf_icon summarizing the preparation and application process.
  • Get advice from UCSD alumni who are in these fields
  • Visit our library to read Peterson's Graduate Programs volumes covering Biological Sciences, Engineering and Applied Sciences, Physical Sciences, Mathematics and more

Get Experience & Prepare

To confirm your interest in a field, to develop the skills and knowledge needed for graduate study, and to prove your abilities to graduate schools, you’ll need to prepare academically and obtain relevant practical experience. 

Apply to Schools

Most graduate school applications occur in the late fall/early winter of the adcademic year before you want to start. You will need to identify programs that match your interests and complete an application.  Some steps take time so plan ahead!

  • Schools & Programs – Use the links below to identify programs with a curriculum, faculty and facilities that match your interests.  Consider your likelihood of admission and cost. 
Actuarial Science Animal Behavior and Applied Animal Behavior      Animal Science
Archaeology Biochem, Cell & Molecular Biology Guide Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Biomedical Engineering Biophysics          Chemistry list and Guide 
Cognitive Science Computational Science     
Conservation Biology Earth Sciences  
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Guide Engineering School listpdf_icon and Profiles            Environmental Science and Environmental Studies
Exercise Science Forensic Science Human Factors/Ergonomics
Human Genetics and Genomics Information Science        Marine Biology and Marine Science 
Mathematical Sciences Mathematics Doctoral programs Medical Physics 
Medical Research and MD-PhD Neurosciences Nutrition
Oceanography, Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology Operations Research Orthotics & Prosthetics                 
Physics, Astronomy and Physical Sciences


Professional Science Master's list and Guide Science, Engineering and Public Policy
Sustainability Vertebrate Paleontology Virology
    • Search for International Programs:  Australia/New Zealand and UK/Ireland                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
    • Attend our Graduate School Fair to learn about programs from school representatives
    • Talk to faculty and graduate students in your field for program recommendations
    • Do a literature review to see who's publishing books or journal articles in your specialty area
    • Consult, the National Research Council, or field-specific Rankings
  • GREPreparepdf_icon, Practice and take the Graduate Record Exam
  • Letters of RecommendationGet to Know Writerspdf_icon and Collect Letters
  • Application Essay – Write your Statement of Intentpdf_icon and get a Critique
  • Financial Aid & Fellowships – Know how to Pay For Graduate School

For additional help with your professional & graduate school preparation and application come into the Career Services Center or contact your Professional & Graduate School Advisors.

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