Undergraduate Career Services

The UC San Diego Career Services Center provides resources for undergraduates who are looking to broaden their career opportunities. The Career Service Center offers undergraduates access to internships, diverse and rewarding careers, connections, and support to effectively apply for jobs and graduate school.

Explore Careers

Transitioning from undergraduate life to the real world is challenging, but can be made easier if you know your options and where to find opportunities. More

Prepare a Resume & Cover Letter

Make your resume and cover letter stand out from the competition. More

Get a Job

Identify potential employers and get equipped to land your desired position. More

Alumni Advisor Network

Get expert advice from alumni advisors who will be there for you every step of your journey - from the day you step on campus to the frist day of your dream job. More

Gain Experience

Studying a major is one thing; applying that knowledge to real world situations is entirely another. There are endless options for honing your skills and getting a wide-range of experiences outside the classroom. More


Volunteer, join associations, maintain connections, meet professionals and alumni.  Show your contacts that you have character and competence. More

Consider Graduate School

This section provides you with help to prepare for and apply to professional or graduate school. More

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