Grad Student Cover Letter and Resume Resources

When applying for a job, you should always include a tailored cover letter unless specifically instructed not to do so.  Follow the instructions for submission, but also try to find the name of someone responsible for that area, and send him or her copy of your application directly. 

Below are resources to help turn your CV into a resume and write meaningful, tailored cover letters that complement your resume for a specific job. In addition, don't forget that making contacts in your field(s) or profession(s) of interest is not only an effective way to discover a satisfying job but are valuable resources to help hone your credentials.


Resume vs. CVext tips, strategies and samples, Courtesy of the University of Virginia

Re-envisioning the PhDext provides CV, resume and writing resources across all disciplines from several sources, Courtesy of the University of Washington

Resume Template an easy to follow guide that will allow you to optimize your resume format and content


  • Humanitiespdf

By Profession

Support Materials

Information and Samplesext Putting Your Science to Work, Peter Fiske, Ph.D.

Preparing for the Non-Academic Job Searchpdf a handbook for PhD students seeking alternatives to academia, UC San Diego's Career Services Center

Cover Letters

Tips, Strategies & Samplesext Courtesy the University of Virginia


  • Engineeringpdf

Thank You Letter

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