Emily Le

Professional and Graduate School Advisor

Areas of specialization

  • interest areas: pre-law, education, public policy, international affairs and area studies, social sciences, and humanities
  • graduate and professional school preparation for any field except for pre-med and pre-health
  • academic planning and preparation for graduate and professional school
  • international graduate school and study abroad
  • work and internship abroad experience and preparation
  • MBTI certified

My personal career assessment

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: INTJ

StrengthsFinder Top 5 themes:

  • Context
  • Relator
  • Achiever
  • Analytical
  • Deliberative

My role at UC San Diego

I advise students who are interested in graduate and professional school on how to select programs in relation to their academic, personal and professional goals, and how to prepare for the application process. My area of focus is pre-law and programs outside of the health field. I also organize the graduate school and law school fairs. I also advise students who are interested in international graduate school, working abroad, and have international experience. 

My career path

My education and career path has been diverse within the field of higher education.  Initially wanting pursue doctoral study in Asian history, I majored in History and received an MA in Asian Studies.  During my graduate program, I realized I did not want to pursue the academic route and realized my interest in international education as a result of my study abroad experience on EAP Vietnam.  I worked as a study abroad advisor for a few years and then transitioned over to academic advising, where I worked with students in choosing majors, completing graduation requirements and exploring what they can do during and after their undergraduate degree.  After many years at UCLA, I had the opportunity to join the UCSD Career Services Center and transition to the career development side of student affairs.     

The rewards in doing what I do

Guiding and helping students to become aware of the opportunities available for them that contribute to their undergraduate experience and development. 

My words of wisdom to students

Study abroad! There are only a few times in life where you have an opportunity to go abroad and experience living in another country. Take advantage of the opportunities and resources available to you on campus. 

In my free time...

I enjoy trying new restaurants, traveling, baking, and reading novels, especially historical or absurdist fiction.

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