Angel Rocha

Graduate Intern

My role at UC San Diego

In my role as the graduate assistant I aim to assist in creating awareness throughout campus of the services that we can provide. I will also be encouraging students to come visit us and see how they can utilize us.

My career path

I began my interest in education very soon after high school but did not know where to focus my efforts. After working with several age groups in my time I found myself working for TRiO programs at Palomar College as an Outreach Coordinator. At Palomar I learned about many of the resources that are available to students from low socioeconomic communities. It was then I realized that working in higher education was my goal in order to increase awareness of the resources available to prospective and current students. To achieve this I have entered the Higher Educational Leadership with an Emphasis in Student Affairs program at San Diego State University.

The rewards in doing what I do

As a first generation college student I went through college learning as I go with little guidance. I also commuted to school making involvement and finding resources difficult. I am driven by my ambition to assist students in discovering more about their school and the resources available to them. I do this in order for students to avoid the experience that I had and for them to realize that support can be found everywhere.

My words of wisdom to students

Understand the value of human connection. You can impact someone in a positive light if they are willing to listen, and if you are willing to listen you can allow someone to impact you in a positive light.

In my free time...

I enjoy burning some time trying out new foods, playing video games, and learning cheesy jokes. What do you call an alligator in a vest?.......An inVESTigator!