Career Center Staff

Meet the Career Center staff, listed here by unit. Browse staff bios and find out about their work in Higher Education.

Contributions to our profession

Leadership Team

  • Kris Hergert -  Executive Director, The Career Center
  • Analia Mendez -  Director, Career Education and Advising
  • Katherine CollinsAssociate Director of Administration, Technology and Strategic Projects

Center Operations (OPS)

  • Alexandria Levin - Administrative Operations Assistant

Career Education and Advising (CEA)

Industry Engagement

  • Richard Rathburn - Senior Associate Director, Industry Engagement
  • Erik Mjoen - Associate Director, Industry Engagement
  • Michelle Tillman - Associate Director, Industry Engagement
  • Samantha Steele - Career Fair Coordinator
  • Sophia Tran - Industry Engagement Coordinator

Student Employment

  • Mary Lewis - Student Employment Manager
  • Connie Ruan - Student Employment Analyst
  • Kirstie Onuchic - Student Employment Analyst
  • Sierra Shannon - Student Employment Analyst

Undergraduate Career Peers