On-Campus Interviews

The Career Center has eight (8) interview rooms on campus that are available to employers, free of charge. Along with hosting the venue, we also provide assistance with scheduling students with the use of Handshake. On-campus interviewing is an option year round, as well as on fair days.

On-Campus Interview Models


When using this model, employers are required to post a job opportunity in the Port Triton system for which students may apply. Employers then must select only the students they want to interview on campus. Students are notified once they are chosen and sign up for interviews through Port Triton.

Preselect to Alternate:

This model functions exactly the same as Preselect, but it allows employer to choose additional students as alternates. If there is still space available on the schedule, then alternate students may sign up to interview with the employer.


When using this model, employers post a job opportunity in the Port Triton system for which students may apply. However, employers do not select who they would like to interview.

Students who have applied are able to sign up for an interview on a first come, first served basis.

Room Reservation Only:

This model allows an employer to reserve a room on campus, but there are no job postings or interviews associated with this date in Port Triton. All interviews must be generated independently of our office and the Port Triton system.

Please submit your OCI request by following these directions:

  • Log into Port Triton 
  • On your right-hand side are your Shortcuts. Click “Request an OCI Schedule”
  • Complete the request form and hit the submit button at the end of the page.
  • You will receive a confirmation email once your OCI has been approved.

For more recruitment opportunities, please see our Information sessions page.

If you have any questions, please call 858-534-9297.