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UC San Diego is committed to the professional success of its students and alumni. The University's Career Center connects employers with qualified talent who can make an immediate impact on your success.


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  • Post job and internship opportunities for our students and alumni
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Handshake is a centralized online job board accessed by more than 20,000 active UC San Diego students and alumni.

Handshake is the best and most effective way to promote your job and internship opportunities.

It is used by more than 500 universities and 250,000 employers to reach collegiate talent nationwide.

For COVID 19 related updates, please contact us at (858) 534-3751 or

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Information sessions

Information sessions allow you to connect with a targeted group of students. Sessions are held in-person Monday – Thursday 5-6:30pm and 7-8:30pm in the Career Center or virtually.

Virtual Sessions

Capacity Unlimited
Cost $100

Space Capacity and Costs

Space  Capacity  Cost 
Round Room 20 $200
Career Lab 50 $300
Horizon Room  80 $500
Patio (Outdoor), No A/V 60-80 $350
(Space) + Patio Varies + $175*
*The Patio fee in this scenario is reduced by 50%. 

With your space reservation, we include:

  • A/V
  • Employer concierges to assist with student check-in and provide logistical assistance during the session.
  • Marketing and branding your event, including distributing emails to targeted student populations

Career Center staff will recommend catering options and assist with logistics including parking.

How to Request an Information Session:

Create an event on Handshake


Interviews Models:

  • Preselect: Employers post a job opportunity on Handshake and select students applicants to interview on campus. Your selected students are automatically notified and are prompted to sign up through Handshake for the interview.
  • Preselect to Alternate: Same features as Preselect. Also allows employers to choose additional students as alternates. If space becomes available on your schedule, then alternate students may sign up to interview.
  • Open: Employers post a job opportunity on Handshake, but do not select students to interview. Student applicants have the opportunity to sign up for an interview on a first-come, first-serve basis. This model can also be used when employers host office hours.
  • Room Reservation Only: The employer reserves a room on campus, without posting a job on Handshake. All interviews are generated on your own, independently from the Career Center and Handshake. 

How to Schedule Virtual Interviews:

On-Campus Interviews:

In-person events are allowed. Please request an interview on your Handshake account if you would like to host an interview on-campus. You will be approved in 2-business days and in accordance with UC San Diego Covid-19 restrictions, will need to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test within 24 hours of arrival onsite. Please reach out to if you have any questions. 


Triton Career Fairs

Our quarterly Triton Career Fairs are open to all UC San Diego students and alumni. We also host two graduate school career fairs each year.

Our career fairs attract recruiters and admissions representatives from hundreds of organizations, and professional and graduate schools from around the world, as well as thousands of students and alumni.

Check our Career Fairs here.

For COVID 19 related updates, please contact us at (858) 534-3751 or

More information on Career Fairs

Custom Programs


The MicroFair is a new and innovative company specific recruitment event format that allows employers to have high quality interactions with a large group of targeted students utilizing a larger event space with multiple recruiter “engagement stations”. The model works particularly well for employers that are hiring specialized talent across different business units and that plan on bringing a team of company representatives and alumni to campus.

Special Events

We offer a wide variety of special recruitment events throughout the year allowing employers to create tailored programming and and engagement with certain student populations. This includes, TritonTreks, Coding Competitions, Diversity Events, Case Studies, Speaker panels, Workshops, etc.

How to register for a Triton Career Fair or Custom Program:

  • For futher questions, please contact our Industry Engagement team at (858) 534-3751 or

Contact the industry engagement team

Become a Triton Alliance member

We established the Triton Alliance to recognize employers who support our innovative programs and initiatives, and who invest in the professional development of our students and alumni.

Talent Engagement Opportunities

A partnership with UC San Diego provides employers with compelling engagement opportunities with top student and alumni talent, the University, community leadership, and cutting-edge research.We focus on co-creating customized recruitment platforms to help you achieve your talent goals. Please visit Triton Alliance or contact your Industry Engagement team. 

Contact us at (858) 534-3751 or

For COVID 19 related updates, please contact us at (858) 534-3751 or

Contact the industry engagement team


Micro-internships are short-term, project-based work experiences that offer students the opportunity to gain practical work experience and develop new skills. 

We've partnered with Parker Dewey, a mission-oriented organization, to help you connect with our UC San Diego talent through Micro-Internships. Students can assist regardless of your position, industry, or company size. Micro-Internships offer an accessible way to increase your hiring pool with diverse, skilled individuals, improve recruitment effectiveness, and save onboarding expenses. Furthermore, they can provide temporary project support when you or your team are swamped.

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