Basic Application Materials

Your advanced academic career has provided you with many sought-after skills needed to transition into a position outside academia. Becoming aware of these skills and how to effectively express them in a resume and cover letter as well as during the interview process can lead to fulfilling career opportunities.

Below are resources to help turn your CV into a resume or industry CV and write meaningful cover letters that complement your resume for a specific job.  In addition, don't forget that making contacts in your field(s) or profession(s) of interest is not only an effective way to discover a satisfying job but that these contacts can serve as valuable resources to help hone your credentials.

Résumé & "Industry CV"

Template .pdf An easy to follow guide that will allow you to optimize your resume format and content.

Samples by discipline

Samples by profession

Cover Letters

When applying for a job, you should always include a concise and tailored cover letter, unless specifically instructed not to do so.


Thank You Letter

Additional Support Materials   

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