Careers Beyond Academia

Finding a job requires a large time commitment. The key is to employ multiple techniques and strategies.  The more dedicated and diversified your job search is - and the more cleverly you apply these techniques to your advantage - the more likely you are to find opportunities.

Make an Appointment

If you're not sure what career path to take once you earn your degree, a career advisor dedicated to current UC San Diego PhD and Master's students is available for a confidential discussion of all issues related to career planning and professional development. More

Explore Options

Conduct a self assessment, conduct research, meet professionals, and seek resources to familiarize yourself with the language, people, and culture of the employment sectors that interest you. More

Conduct Your Search

Once you identified one or more specific professions or industries of interest, developing an effective job strategy becomes much easier:

Create a Résumé & Cover Letter 

Prepare a targeted and effective CV, "Industry CV", résumé and cover letter that will get you interviews. More

Prepare for Your Interview

Preparation goes a long way in giving you an edge during an interview. Visit our interviewing resources, and make an appointment with one of our graduate student career advisors to practice for your interview.

PhD-trained scholars possess traits and skills of highest value in the "real world!"

Teaching, conceptualizing and explaining

Public speaking

Supporting a position with logical argument

Managing all phases of complex research projects

Organizing ideas

Integrating information from disparate sources

Working in committees, on teams and independently 
Problem solving

Analytical, objective, and flexible

Resourceful, determined and persistent

Thorough, organized and efficient

plus many more...

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Careers Beyond Academia in Science & Engineering

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