Meet the Peers

  • Kavitha  Arumugam

    Kavitha Arumugam

    I am a graduating senior from Warren College, pursuing a major in structural engineering. Moving forward, I want to get a master’s degree in structural engineering and soon work for a structural design company. I love to watch movies and travel. I am also a trained Indian classical dancer and like to perform.

  • Chelsea Chang - Lead

    Chelsea Chang - Lead

    I am a fourth year Global Health major at ERC with interests in social justice, public policy, and urban planning/cultural production. I am passionate about helping students recognize and cultivate their personality, entrepreneurial, and emotional strengths in addition to determining potential career ­paths and immediate next­ steps. ​My own career goal is to become a social entrepreneur and writer/blogger/podcaster that creates platforms of discourse between culture, justice, and humanity. My spirit animal is a hedgehog and I am known for my love of Christmas trees.

  • Jan Eric De Castro

    Jan Eric De Castro

    I am a second year undergraduate student from ERC and majoring in Cognitive Science (HCI) with a minor in design. I love interacting with other people and designing, thus after graduating, I aspire to be a User Experience/Interface Designer in the tech industry.  

  • Sarah ElSouri - Lead

    Sarah ElSouri - Lead

    Hello! My name is Sarah ElSouri and I am a lead career peer educator at the career service center. This is my third year at the center and my fourth at UCSD as a Warren electrical engineering student from Saudi Arabia. I love my job and my major! I hope someday I end up in the car/energy industry. I really look forward to helping you with all that I can- even if you just wanna come in for a casual career/future chat.

  • Anahi Ibarra

    Anahi Ibarra

    I am an incoming fourth year from Eleanor Roosevelt College. I am graduating with a major in Human Biology and a minor in Public Health. I will be taking a fifth year to finish my minor and after graduating I plan on applying to Medical School. I aspire to become a Pediatrician or Family Medicine Physician one day. I enjoy doing yoga and running on my free time and a life goal is to visit the seven wonders of the ancient and modern world.

  • Desiree Johnson – Lead (PreMed)

    Desiree Johnson – Lead (PreMed)

    Hi I’m Desiree! I am a fourth year Human Biology major in Warren College with a double minor in Psychology and African American Studies. My career plans include going to Medical school after graduation in hopes of becoming an oncologist. Ultimately I would love to begin doing administrative work in Medical schools and hospitals after practicing for some years. The work I am passionate about doing includes bridging the gap between underrepresented students and their aspirations to reach medical school. So my goal is to put myself in a position where I am able to help others achieve their dreams. Something unique about myself is I am a black belt in Karate.

  • Damare Kinley

    Damare Kinley

    I am a fourth year undergraduate, majoring in Public Health from Revelle College. Post-graduation, I plan to go to Graduate School to obtain a Master’s dual degree in Public Health and Business Administration. My ultimate goal is to become a Healthcare Administrator while starting a Social Enterprise. I always had a passion to help underprivileged communities by advocating and spreading awareness about healthcare and social justice issues.

  • Aiko Kumano

    Aiko Kumano

    I am a 2nd year Communication major and Cognitive Science minor from ERC, and possibly double major in Public Health. I am interested in pursuing a career in Digital Marketing/Product Development or as a Program Coordinator for a children’s hospital. Upon graduation, I intend to take a gap year to work full-time and gain experience in my field, then attend graduate school and receive a Master’s Degree in Public Health or Business Administration. Fun fact: I enjoy hip-hop dance and consignment store trips.

  • Liana Lei – Lead

    Liana Lei – Lead

    Senior, Major in Management Science

    Previously worked as Internal Audit intern, Accounting intern, Fundraising Chair

    Passionate about cooking, boxing, traveling

    Actively involved with business related student Orgs (Undergraduate Accounting Society, Chinese Business Society)

  • Stacey Lin – Lead (PreMed)

    Stacey Lin – Lead (PreMed)

    My name is Stacey Lin and I am a third year Biochemistry - Cell Biology and Psychology -Human Health double major from Sixth College. I have a passion for helping others through peer advising and health promotion, and am aspiring to go to medical school to become a pediatrician. When not working at the Career Services Center, I also volunteer as a Student Health Advocate, Integrity Peer Educator, and work as a research assistant at the Center of Human Development. Feel free to come ask me any questions about medical school, different ways to get involved on campus, or just to chat.

  • Yangyang Liu

    Yangyang Liu

    I am a fourth year Warren undergraduate majoring in Psychology. I aspire to become a professional in Higher Education because I love interacting with students and supporting them in their personal and career development. In addition, as an international student, I am grateful for how much my study abroad experience taught me. Therefore, I would love to help other international students maximize the experience and encourage more students to study abroad!

  • Victiashea Matthews

    Victiashea Matthews

    Victiashea “Tasha” Matthews is a senior at UC San Diego in Thurgood Marshall studying Ethnics Studies with a Literature/Writing minor. She was born in San Diego and has lived in Alpine for most of life. She has worked jobs from the Telephone Outreach Program at UCSD to working at Computer Market Research. Tasha plans to pursue writing as a profession and go to graduate school for Creative Writing. Tasha loves to sing/write songs, play guitar, write poetry, go to the movies, find new hair tutorials, as well as read, learn and grow in her faith.

  • Michael O’Toole

    Michael O’Toole

    Major: EconomicsMinor: Business

    College: Good Ol’ Revelle

    Career Plans: To be determined…At the very least, I would like to get a job that would allow me to become financially independent from my parents following graduation. What I actually want is to find something that I can do that is intellectually stimulating, that is challenging, and that is never boring. Hopefully, I will be able to get paid to do this something, whatever it may be. Something Unique: I love Bossa Nova music. It took me 21 years to discover it, but it’s amazing. I like it so much that I am upset that no one ever told me this sensational and organic blend of samba and jazz existed. I give my sincerest thanks to the good people of Brazil for providing the world with this wonderful genre of music

  • Quang Vu

    Quang Vu

    Hello my name is Quang Vu. I am a fourth year International Studies - Economics major. I originally came here as a transfer student just an hour north of here. Overall, my UCSD experience has been engaged with the transfer community and student services. From these experiences, I was able to foster collaboration while working with a diverse group of peers. At the Career Center, I hope to engage with the community in new ways. Looking ahead, I hope to start my candidacy for the CFA designation.

  • Kayla Wong – Lead (PreMed)

    Kayla Wong – Lead (PreMed)

    I am a fourth year majoring in Psychology(BS) specialty in Social Psychology and minoring in Business. I aspire to work in Higher Education and my interest lie in leadership, career development and individual growth. As a Career Peer Educator, I have the opportunity to work alongside a supportive and incredible community. Advising and interacting with students is a rewarding process for we learn from one another. I am rewarded by giving back to a community that helps me grow and achieve my goals and learning from students and alumni alike but the best reward is seeing my fellow peers achieve their goals and dreams