Meet the Peers

  • Ami Bhakta

    Ami Bhakta

    My name is Ami Bhakta and I am an incoming sophomore majoring in Political Science with a prospective minor in Law and Society. One of my biggest career aspirations is to become an attorney specializing in a field of law that highly consists of interacting with people, such as family or immigration law. I have a very personable character, and love to work with others one-on-one. Besides all things law or politics related, I also love to do makeup!"
  • Jeremy Borja

    Jeremy Borja

    I am a third year undergraduate student from Sixth College majoring in Cognitive Science. I aspire to use my specialization in HCI to work as a user experience designer. Outside of academics, I enjoy dancing with my team 220 Second to None.
  • Jiaying Chen

    Jiaying Chen

    I am a graduating senior from Sixth College, pursuing a major in Molecular Biology and a minor in Accounting. I am interested in scientific research related to genetics, and my own career goal is to become a real scientist and found a pharmaceutical company that develops drugs for cancer treatment. As a CPEP member, I hope to help, support, and encourage students to achieve their goals and broaden their horizons.
  • Donald Donaire

    Donald Donaire

    Hello! I am an Ethnic Studies major in Warren College. I aspire to be a high school educator or a college/career counselor for students of historically marginalized communities. I’m originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, but have made a home in the Central Valley city of Stockton. My favorite TV show is Steven Universe and Insecure.
  • Kevin Hsiung

    Kevin Hsiung

    I am a Revelle College senior studying ecology, behavioral science, and evolution. As a student of science, I find joy in learning about the natural world. After I obtain my degree, I plan to pursue a career in scientific research and teaching. I’m originally from LA, but I love San Diego, I think it’s the coolest city though I am still discovering it. I’m also a very laid back person who loves to talk about pretty much anything, and am always game for new experiences. As a member of the CPEP team, I am excited to make myself available to you, so definitely drop by and check us out!
  • Aiko Kumano

    Aiko Kumano

    Hello! My name is Aiko (eye-ko) and I'm a third year Communication major, Cognitive Science minor from ERC, interested in HR, counseling, and digital media. I am eager at helping students discover their passions and resources that can be used towards their career & professional development. Upon graduating, I plan to take a gap year to garner further work experience and travel, then pursue a Masters degree in Counseling. Eventually, I aim to work for Student Affairs at the university-level as an Advisor or Program Director.
  • Erikka Linn

    Erikka Linn

    I am a second year Biology - Bioinformatics major from Sixth College. I am passionate about helping students discover and work towards achieving success in whatever career path they aspire to enter. My career plan is to attend medical school and work in both clinical care and research. Outside of the Career Center, I am on the UCSD Track & Field team and work as an Undergraduate Researcher at ACTRI. My interests include learning magic tricks, playing basketball, and doodling. Come by and let's chat.
  • Norris Nguyen

    Norris Nguyen

    Hi there! I am a 2nd year majoring in Psychology with an emphasis in Social Psychology and minoring in Business. My goal is to become an Organizational Psychologist, applying psychology to improve team synergy and help businesses excel. I love to challenge myself and my peers to raise their standards!
  • Esther Nunez

    Esther Nunez

    Hello, my name is Esther Nuñez, I am a second year here at UCSD and majoring in Physiology and Neuroscience. I love soccer, hiking, traveling, and anything Marvel. I have a passion for learning and helping people which lead to my decision to continue through premed, the goal is to go to medical school and study to be a neurosurgeon (like Dr. Strange). Interesting fact about me is that I have been skydiving and recommend the experience to everyone.
  • Eric Richards

    Eric Richards

    I am a third year from Revelle double majoring in Cognitive Science (HCI) and Design for Social Innovation (individual major). I hope to work in a design firm or nonprofit applying human-centered design and research towards social impact. Outside of school, I help teach high school marching band.
  • Noah Seto

    Noah Seto

    I am a 4th year General Biology student from Marshall College. I am a pre-medical student who wants to go to an Osteopathic Medical Program in the future. I hope to one day do family medicine or pediatrics. I would also love to work with medically underserved populations in the future. In my free time I love to surf, fish, read, and hike. I’m always open for a good conversation whether it’s to shoot the breeze or talk about academics. So please don’t be hesitant to come by and talk!
  • Chuck Sun

    Chuck Sun

    I am a senior undergraduate student from Muir and double major in Applied Math and Economics. I'm passionate at finance and have internships in investment banking and private equity firms. I plan to apply for master of financial engineering program after graduation. My life goal is to become rich enough to be free.
  • Melissa Supsup

    Melissa Supsup

    I am a 3rd year International Business major with a double minor in Psychology and Korean Studies. Although I’m still searching for what career path I hope to pursue once I graduate, I became more interested in the business field after working as an Overseas Market Research Intern at Hyundai Corporation in Seoul, South Korea. I am also currently involved in UCSD Sixth College Council, SFAC, CASP, KP, and Alternative Breaks. Fun fact: I love dancing, photography, and traveling! I absolutely enjoy learning about diverse people and cultures; hence, I visit a new country almost every year.
  • Anh Vo

    Anh Vo

    I am a second-year Biochemistry and Cell Biology major from ERC and am pursuing a career in healthcare. Through this position, I hope to help students get closer to their career goals through peer advising. Feel free to contact me if you ever need a CPEP talk.
  • Nguyen Vo

    Nguyen Vo

    Welcome! My name is Nguyen and I am a fourth year Pharmacological Chemistry major from sixth College with a passion for sharing my knowledge to help others achieve their goals. After graduating, I aspire to be a pharmacist to help foster a health conscience and proactive community.