Sales, Marketing and Advertising

In the field of markeing and sales you learn how to match market opportunities to an organization’s goals; understand consumer needs; and design, deliver, capture and communicate the value of products and services in a dynamic, competitive environment. The knowledge students gain from this major helps them chart new pathways for domestic and global market success. In a recent study, 67% of executives questioned said they expected their hiring of marketing professionals to increase in the next few years.

Advertising, sales and marketing are based around consumer and business buying, marketing research, marketing communications, internet marketing, sales management, retailing, non-profit marketing and international marketing. 

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Student Organizations:

AdwaveContact e-mail:

AdWave provides an educational and professional platform for students to develop their abilities for an advertising and/or marketing career. By applying our skills and creativity at the National Student Advertising Competition and by developing a strong marketing and advertising community on campus, we aim to inspire and bring together the brightest and most creative minds at UCSD.

Undergraduate Marketing Association - Contact e-mail:

The Undergraduate Marketing Association is run by the students, for the students. We provide an array of guest speaker presentations, professional development workshops, skill-enhancement tutorials, client-based projects, and networking opportunities. By bringing together a large community of creative innovators, UMA aims to foster a proactive, educational environment for those interested in learning more about advertising, public relations, digital media, and more. Our mission is to expose UC San Diego students to practical knowledge and skills in the field of marketing.

Explore the Profession

Discover whether a marketing/sales career profession matches your interests, skills and abilities and meets your lifestyle expectations:

Marketing and sales encompasses many job functions and career fields, so we are offering you a full array of business events that bring a variety of employers to campus to help you explore the options. Not just for Economics majors students, this information can help you prepare all business-minded students for the business internship and job search.

Marketing and Sales Competencies

Marketing and Sales Career Competencies

These competencies are skills that allow for success in the world of business. In the absence of these skills, small-business owners may find the task of establishing and maintaining their businesses more difficult than it otherwise would be. Though some of these competencies are simply innate, many of them can be developed or enhanced with a concerted effort.problem solving

  • Background in sales and marketing
  • Working familiarity with recent communications and media trends
  • Computer software: Working proficiency with Microsoft Office applications, especially Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher; Adobe Photoshop
  • Communication skills: Ability to convey messages effectively with coworkers and clients; comfortable with public speaking
  • English language proficiency
  • Creativity: Ability to write and design creative designs and slogans
  • Teamwork: Ability to work well with others; delegate tasks; deliver presentations
  • Time management: Ability to work under tight deadlines; handle multiple tasks/assignments

Certificate and Graduate School Information

The UC San Diego Professional Certificate in Marketing is designed to help participants develop a broad understanding of the modern marketing functions that are most important in today’s new economy. Learn how to apply savvy marketing techniques to draw in new clientele and drive customer loyalty. Acquire the core knowledge and skills needed to design innovative marketing plans, implement successful marketing tactics, and advance your career.

Additional Schools & Programs – Use the links below to identify programs with a curriculum, faculty, facilities and services which match your needs.  Consider your likelihood of admission and cost. 

For additional help with your professional & graduate school preparation and application come into the Career Services Center or contact your Professional & Graduate School Advisors.

Get Experience

Confirm your interest in the field of Sales and Marketing, prepare academically and develop the necessary skills and experience:

  • Think about activities and classes you can take
  • Job shadow or volunteer with a an employer in an industry field that may interest you.  
  • Get legal experience and exposure through The Basement
  • Participate in UCDC or the Academic Internship Program to gain transferrable skills
  • Join a Business Fraternity on campus
  • Develop communication and leadership skills through attending a meeting with Toastmaster's International on campus

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Professional Associations

For additional help, come into the Career Services Center or schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor via Port Triton. Learn more about your Career Advisors and their specializations at the staff directory page.