Mark Carolino

Career Advisor

My role at UC San Diego

I work with students pursuing health professions including medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, and many more. I work with them to understand the requirements to apply to health programs and strategize their time at UCSD to be the best possible candidate. This includes brainstorming ways to get experience, working through the application process, and preparing for interviews.

My career path

I majored in Media Studies at UC Berkeley and also minored in Education. During my summers I interned at ABC’s finance department which was a great learning experience but ultimately not what I wanted to do. I was also heavily involved in mentorship and peer advising on campus so I pursued a career in education, spending one year at the UC Office of the President after graduation. During that gap year, I prepared to apply to masters programs in Higher Education and decided to attend New York University.

During my time at NYU I gained experience in teaching and working in the multicultural center. After volunteering for the Career Center I realized that I truly enjoyed working one-on-one with students to help them achieve their goals. I worked as a Career Counselor at NYU for 2 years after getting my masters, which was a great professional and personal growth experience.

I have spent a total of 7 years working as a career counselor/advisor between NYU, UC Irvine, and now UC San Diego. I’m excited to target my efforts and time on pre-health students and find new ways to help them clarify and achieve their goals.

The rewards in doing what I do

I have always been drawn to dynamic story tellers and compelling narratives. It took a while but I realized that story telling is a big part of my job. Exploring and pursuing careers is about building a personal narrative and I love helping students find their voices and take charge of telling their stories.

My words of wisdom to students

Life is rarely a linear trajectory and delays or detours are totally fine! Even people who seem to have it all together have had to deal with setbacks and make course corrections. Try not to be discouraged, but find opportunity at these challenging crossroads.

In my free time...

I’m usually chasing around my son and embarking on adventures (local and not-so-local) with my wife. I devour podcasts on topics ranging from sports, news/politics, food, and comedy.

  • Assess where you are in the prehealth process and determine next steps and a strategy.
  • Connect to resources that will help you make decisions regarding the application process
  • Strategize your applications and help prepare you for interviews

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