Jeanelle Horcasitas

Graduate Career Peer Educator

Jeanelle Horcasitas

My role at UC San Diego

My role as a Graduate Career Peer Educator is to serve as an advocate for our UCSD graduate community. I work on developing professional development programs and workshops that graduate students need most and share the wide array of resources that the Career Center has to offer. More important, I hope to bring more visibility to our Career Center through outreach, marketing and collaboration. I work to connect with our graduate students at UCSD to ensure that they are being provided with the counseling and career planning services that will help them be successful in their future careers.

My career path

My career path has been a compilation of experiences and opportunities I’ve had the privilege of gaining through off and on-campus jobs, internships, and freelance work. I have not stayed on a fixed path when it comes to the type of jobs I’ve taken on. At the beginning of my career, I started out as a Student Assistant for the State of California’s Department of Consumer Affairs where I did outreach, programming, and marketing for 40 boards and bureaus. Once I transferred to UCLA to complete my B.A. in English, I was managing editor for UCLA’s La Gente Newsmagazine and a student assistant for the Armand Hammer Museum’s administrative, finance and human resources departments; and I completed a Getty Multicultural Undergraduate summer internship with the Skirball Museum’s communications and marketing department. When I decided to pursue my Ph.D. in Literature at UCSD, I continued exploring my career options by working with the Graduate Division as their Grad Life intern, the County of San Diego’s Housing Authority as a Family Self-Sufficiency coordinator, and currently as a Teaching Assistant for the Department of Literature’s Multi-Ethnic sequence and an Adjunct for Miramar Community College’s English department. Amidst these various experiences, I’ve participated in additional opportunities that have allowed me to do consulting, project management, grant-writing, web development/design, editing, writing articles for a few blogs, and more!

The rewards in doing what I do

The rewards in what I will be doing is making a positive impact in the graduate student community. During my previous role as the Grad Life intern, I gained a wealth of knowledge about what resources and services are available to graduate students at UCSD. I consider myself lucky to have these connections and I want to share them with the other graduate students. I hope to provide graduate students with the tools to be successful in whatever career path they choose. Additionally, I hope to inspire them to take on new opportunities that may lead them to places they never thought possible or even considered.

My words of wisdom to students

Don’t be afraid to do things outside of your comfort zone. Seize new opportunities when they arise and don’t be resistant to change. Remind yourself that in order to grow you must be willing to evolve and transform. As graduate students I consider us to be life-long learners, so always be curious, ask questions, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Finally, remind yourself about your purpose in doing what you do and how it fulfills your dreams and passions in the long term.

In my free time...

In my free time I like to travel and explore new places, catch up on my shows, take my dog Harlem for a long walk, hang out with my husband, friends and family, or simply, read a good book!