Mary Lewis

Student Employment Manager

My role at UC San Diego

As the off-campus work study manager, I contract with various non-profit organizations in San Diego County that provide UC San Diego students with job opportunities in community service, as well as practical work experience related to both their major and their career exploration. Also, as the student employment specialist, I'm the departmental liaison for both Student Affairs and Business Affairs departments. I assist them in interpreting university policies/procedures regarding student employment on campus.

My career path

I began my career at UC San Diego in 1985 in a Business Affairs department. After working there for eight years, I decided I would like to work within Student Affairs. I started with the Career Services Center in 1993. In my time here at Career Services Center I've held several positions within the Job Opportunities Program.

The rewards in doing what I do

It's very rewarding to be of assistance to non-profit organizations looking to hire students, as well as helping those students find the right job opportunities, and then having them come back to me and say: "Thank you, I know what I want to do after I graduate." That is a wonderful feeling. So for me, being of service to someone, an organization, or an on-campus department is my greatest joy.

My words of wisdom to students

Obtain a part-time position on campus, utilize skills learned, and take the experience seriously. Learn how to work within an organization and with others effectively, as this knowledge will benefit you when you begin your career after graduation.

In my free time...

I'm spending time with my family and friends, playing my guitar, or traveling. I love to write lyrics and short stories.

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