Washington D.C. Internships in Law & Justice

Organizations below marked with an (*) asterisk have paid internships

Law & Legislation Social Justice & Civil Rights
Alliance for Justice ext  
American Bar Association ext  
American Civil Liberties Union ext  
American Enterprise Institute ext  
American Legislative Exchange Council ext *  
Arlington Police Department ext  
Center for International Environmental Law ext  
Center for Science in the Public Interest ext
Community Rights Counsel ext  
DC Court System ext  
DC Office of the Attorney General ext  
DC Pretrial Services Agency ext  
D.C. Prisoner's Legal Services ext  
DOJ - Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention ext  
DOJ - Office of Justice Programs ext  
Environmental Law Institute ext  
Federal Communications Commission ext  
Federal Trade Commission ext  
Georgetown University Law Center ext  
HALT: An Organization of Americans for Legal Reform ext *  
Human Rights Campaign ext *  
Lawyer's Committee for Civil Rights Under Law ext  
Leadership Conference on Civil Rights ext  
Legal Aid Society of DC ext  
NAACP ext  
National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium ext  
National Conference of State Legislatures ext  
National Criminal Justice Association ext  
National Institute of Justice – Violence Against Women ext  
National Partnership for Women & Families ext  
National Whistleblower Center ext  
National Women's Law Center ext *  
Naval Criminal Investigative Service ext  
Public Defender Service of DC ext  
Scientific Freedom, Responsibility & Law ext *  
ext Student Press Law Center ext
U.S. Attorneys Office, D.C. ext  
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ext
Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts ext  
Washington Internships in Law & Policy ext  
World Jurist Association ext
American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee ext *  
American's United for the Separation of Church and State ext  
Appleseed Foundation ext  
Asian American Justice Center ext  
Center for Reproductive Rights ext  
Children's Law Center ext  
Council for Court Excellence ext  
DC Office of Police Complaints ext  
Federal Bureau of Prisons ext  
Feminist Majority Foundation ext  
Fight Crime: Invest in Kids ext  
Food & Allied Service Trades AFL-CIO ext *  
Human Rights First ext  
Human Rights Internships ext  
Human Rights Watch ext  
Institute for Policy Studies ext  
Institute for Women's Policy Research ext  
International Foundation for Election Systems ext  
League of United Latin American Citizens ext  
Legal Momentum ext
National Comm. for Responsive Philanthropy ext  
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force ext *  
People For The American Way ext  
Science & Human Rights Program ext  
U.S. Commission on Civil Rights ext  
U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom ext  
U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants ext Women's Rights Internships ext