UCDC Recommendation Letters

You will need to submit two letters of recommendations.  One letter is required from a faculty member and the second letter can be from another faculty member, present or former employer, volunteer supervisor, student organization advisor or academic counselor. 

Since this is an academic program, it is required that you obtain at least one letter from a faculty member who has instructed you in a graded, 3-unit (or more) course.  Faculty includes both visiting and regular campus faculty. The faculty letter should attest to your academic ability and performance.  Request the faculty letter several weeks in advance.  Teaching Assistants (TAs), Deans and Post-docs instructing labs or sections are not eligible to write these letters.  A second letter can come from another faculty or anyone who can assess your competence and reliability in a work or academic setting.

The letter will go to many different organizations, so your letter should not be addressed to any one organization or individual.  Provide your recommendation letter writers the Recommendation Letter Guidelines sheet, your resume and letter of intent.