Finding an Internship in Washington, DC

You are responsible for securing an internship before leaving for DC. Utilize all of the resources available to you both on the web and in hard copy.  Once you are formally admitted to the program, you can see a  career advisor  about how to find an internship that suits your interests, how to prepare an effective resume, and how to convert your Letter of Intent to a cover letter.

As an intern you might perform such functions are research, writing, attending and reporting on congressional hearings, planning activities, and involvement in other aspects of the work of the organization. Interns also must take on some general office duties. The key to a good internship is a balance between the two.

Both paid and unpaid opportunities are available in DC. Many government agencies offer only unpaid internships, while many non-profit organizations offer a stipend. Choose your internships on the educational and career value, they provide, not solely on salary.

Here are some links to help you find an internship in DC: