Networking continues to be a time-tested strategy to advance both your job search and career planning. Use the following resources to connect with professionals and alumni in your chosen field who can help you with information, contacts and even potential leads. Asking the right questions, listening to advice and following up with individuals in careers that interest you shows enthusiasm, character and competence. Network your way to success!

On-campus Networks

Get involved in campus programs to meet people with
similar interests, different backgrounds, inspiring life
paths, and networks of their own. More

Professional Associations

Professional and scholarly associations can be valuable career networks. Many provide career information, student memberships and opportunities for experience. Attend meetings, talk to people, and get involved. More

Mentoring Programs

Mentors offer real-world information, encouragement,
advice, referrals, and access to professional networks.
Faculty mentoring on-campus:
Health industry | Engineering | Research 

Informational Interviewing

Set-up informational interviews to gain first-hand knowledge of a particular profession, job or employer. Make valuable connections by speaking to individuals doing what you aspire to do.

Career Services Center

Meet with an advisor to get tips on networking, including
utilizing LinkedIn and other online networking tools. Attend events and seminars that address networking, such as the How to Land a Job and How to Network Prep Workshops. View our events page for dates and times.

UC San Diego  UCSD ALumni Association

The UC community is a global network of students and professionals. When you get involved, you interact and engage individuals who can help your career and professional development. More LinkedIn logo

Professionals worldwide use LinkedIn to exchange career information, ideas and share opportunities.  Search and join hundreds of career and professional groups with access to thousands of UCSD alumni and students.  Attend a networking seminar or visit the student help page for advice (and videos) on building a professional online image and networking using LinkedIn.

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Networking Tips

  1. List potential contacts. Include anyone who might have information about your career or job of interest.
  2. Create a 30-second speech. Whether networking or conducting an informational interview, present yourself in the best possible light.  View a guide and samplespfd 
  3. Connect. Get and stay in touch with people, give your 30-second speech, share your resume, and ask good questions - you never know who has a lead!
  4. Keep a professional online profile. Google yourself and make sure your online presence reflects the professional you.
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