Graduate Students

Events & Workshops for Graduate Students

@ The Career Center

Network with Industry Professionals, explore your career options, learn to interview, create effective social media profiles, and more through the workshops and panels hosted by and at the Career Center.

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@ Where You Are

We're often out in the campus community: you might find us in your department, the grad lounge, your closest coffee cart, and where you'd least expect us. Don't want to come to the Career Center? Don't worry, you don't have to.

Watch this space for more information on On-The-Spot advising in your area, workshops in your department, and more.

Grad Life & grAdvantage

The Career Center isn't the only organization on campus helping graduate students get the careers they want. Grad Life aims at improving the campus environment for graduate students: they promote professional development workshops, classes for enhancing your academic skills, and even social events. In turn, grAdvantage brings together numerous offices across campus to ensure that graduate student career needs are being met.

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In Person

In Person We have career coaches dedicated exclusively to graduate students: we can help you identify career options, discover skills you never realized you had, master the interview process, negotiate for the salary you deserve, all customized to your individual need

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Over Email

Do questions of your future keep you awake at night? Have a quick question that's not worth trekking to the Center? Want to get a set of knowledgeable eyes on something? Just have an awkward schedule? Don't worry: our email is always open, even when we're not. Send us your questions and career quandaries at your convenience, and in the convenience of your own home (or wherever access to your email account can be had).

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By Phone or by Video Conference

Do you want to talk to a career coach but also can't get away from your lab or office? As long as you have a webcam (or phone with a selfie-cam), you can still get a face to face advising session. Or perhaps you just want to get some career help while wearing your pajamas. Over the phone, no one can hear you lounge.

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Find a Career, Get a Job

Before Applying for A Job

The best time to start preparing for life after graduate school is always now, regardless of if you are in your first year or your eleventy-first. There is a lot of do before submitting your first job application that can increase your success rate, improve your potential salary, and ensure a greater job- and life-satisfaction level.

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Ready to Apply to A Job

Not sure what's the difference between a Resume and a CV? Do you avoid writing Cover Letters because you're not sure how? Does the prospect of an interview give you the flop sweats? Even when you're ready to go onto the job market, there's still a lot to learn and do: we can help you navigate this process.

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Need a Crash Course In Career Readiness?

We understand: graduate students are busy and it is hard to get away from classes and your research to come to the career center. Heck, it can be hard to find the spare energy to even think about life after graduate school. If you don't have the time or energy to think about your career for the rest of the year, the Master's and PhD Career Development Week (CDW) is essentially a crash course where you can go from "I have no idea what I'm doing" to "I'm ready to apply to my dream job" in the span of Spring Break.

See the events, speakers, and guests involved in past CDW's and be on the lookout for news about 2019's edition