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Professional School

Advising and Mentoring

Career Center

The Career Coaching team empowers students to develop and utilize their self-awareness, professional development skills, and proven resources to identify and pursue career employment and professional and graduate school advising, including pre-law and pre-health advising. Other services include resume and application essay critique, interview preparation, job and internship search, industry networking events and workshops, and job fairs. Students can make advising appointments through Handshake.

Academic Departments

Academic advisors and faculty may be able to provide students with some guidance if students are interested in pursuing graduate degrees in that department/field.

Academic Enrichment Program

Undergraduate enrichment programs are designed to help students prepare for education beyond a bachelor's degree.

Is an advance degree right for you?

Before applying to a graduate or professional program, you should consider the following questions.

  • Do you have a clear purpose and goal for attending graduate school?
    • What are my long- and short-term goals?
    • What is necessary for me to achieve these goals?
    • What are the benefits of not going to graduate school?
    • How will a graduate degree add or enhance my career path?
  • What are your values, interests, and priorities for your career and life?
    • What kind of work and experiences do I find meaningful?
    • What tools and skills do I already have? Do I need to enlarge or expand these tools and skills in order to have a meaningful life?
  • Have you researched the graduate school option in many different ways?
    • What are the different kinds of programs in my field and which will most benefit my goals?
    • What mentors do I have available? How do I feel about their perspectives and advice?
    • What are the time and money investments to take on a graduate or professional degree? How will those affect me? What about the opportunity costs- the costs of making one decision over another?
    • Do I see myself succeeding in a graduate or professional program?
    • What can I do without a graduate or professional degree?
  • Are you using graduate school to postpone making a career decision?
  • Do you feel graduate school is the automatic ‘next step’?


A Guide to Academia: Getting into and Surviving Grad School, Postdocs, and a Research Job by Prosanta Chakrabarty is a handbook for anyone thinking about going to graduate school.

The Professor is In: The Essential Guide to Turning your Ph.D. Into a Job by Karen Kelsky