Careers are measured in months, not years. And it takes a multi-faceted, disciplined approach, so don't limit your search to a single source. Learn the search tools you need to bolster your pursuit for the next job (and the next job after that).

Career Peer Educator Application Period is OPEN!

Interested in becoming a Career Peer Educator or returning for another year as a Lead Career Peer Educator?

Apply on Handshake by March 27, 2019 at 4:00 pmPlease email your resume and cover letter to CPEP-CareerCtr@ucsd.edu

Leverage your personal network

Reach out to friends, mentors, former supervisors and other recent grads. Ask them about their experiences, completed projects, failures they learned from, and other connections they have.

Take advantage of on-campus events & resources

Strengthen your search without leaving campus. The Career Center connects you to meaningful opportunities. Don't attend just one.

  • Discover a new employer at our Career Fairs
  • Practice your elevator pitch at our Networking Nights
  • Get the inside scoop at Information Sessions
  • Meet reps from top companies through On-Campus Interviews
  • Explore thousands of opportunities in Handshake

Plan your off-campus search

Draft your top 25 company list and think about ways to connect. Find out about the opportunities, company culture and what employees are working using search engines such as The Muse, Indeed and LinkedIn.

Find a Job

People are hired because they fit in, and happen to smart. We work with a diverse employer network of leading companies in technology, science, business, arts, humanities and more, collecting and curating the best opportunities to find where you fit.

Explore Opportunities