Jessica Kongthong

Career Advisor, Health Professions

My role at UC San Diego

I advise students interested in pursuing health professions (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, etc.), and provide guidance and preparation on the application process, post-baccs, research, volunteer work, and anything else that will help students become competitive candidates for their professional school of choice.  

My career path

I was a Journalism major at the Ohio State University, but transferred my junior year to study media production at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After graduation, I moved to Los Angeles and interned for a film producer, and then landed a job as a production coordinator for MTV’s Real World and Road Rules.

When I worked in casting, I had the opportunity to interview real people and hear real stories. I was fascinated by the way people turned tragedy into triumph, but longed to connect with people in a more meaningful and altruistic way. So I moved to San Francisco to pursue a Master’s in Counseling.

For the past decade, I’ve worked at UC Berkeley and SF State advising underprivileged students on academic, career, and personal issues. And now I am a Career Advisor for the Health Professions. My career trajectory continues to surprise me, and I imagine it will continue to change and evolve…to be continued!

The rewards in doing what I do

I get to witness and be part of a student’s transformation as they develop and discover their “essence” and who they are meant to become. 

My words of wisdom to students

Learn to be resilient and bounce back from setbacks. Things will not always go your way (i.e. you didn’t into your professional school of choice, your GPA is lower than you had hoped, etc.) This is part of life. View obstacles or challenges as learning experiences that provide critical information on improving your craft, identifying any skill deficits, and developing alternative strategies to achieve your objectives.

In my free time...

I love traveling, live music, sushi, fitness, non-fiction, mindfulness, and metaphors.

I can help you:
  • Create a timeline for your prehealth journey
  • Develop a strategy to make you the most competitive applicant
  • Identify any gaps in your application
  • Provide the resources & tools to prepare you for your health professional school

My Strengths: