Networking begins on Day 1. 

Networking is the most efficient and effective way to find a job that’s a good fit for you and it starts on Day 1.  Whether by meeting classmates or engaging fellow alumni and professors...your contacts can help you identify career matches and prepare for your job search by giving feedback on your application documents, sending job ads relevant to you, and helping you identify the pay range in your specific field.

Not sure how to find contacts?

Look around you: anyone you know is a potential source of career information! Talk with them to find out where your professional interests overlap and see if they might be able to make recommendations for your next career move, employer to look into, or connection to talk with. The Career Center also provides tons of opportunities for you to meet professionals in your intended industry, whether through employer information sessions, networking events, or job fairs. In addition, don’t forget LinkedIn – you can search for potential contacts among our 190,000+ alumni.
Once you start building your list of contacts, you can ask them for an informational interview, which is a conversation where you get to ask them questions about their profession, career path, and recommendations for succeeding in their field.

Check out these groups and organizations to meet fellow Tritons: 

UC San Diego Center for Student Involvement
UC San Diego Professional Community
UC San Diego LinkedIn Alumni Insights