It's interview day, and you're ready to win the interview. Why? Well, you've done these few key steps:

  1. Purpose: You've thought and created a rough draft (always rough, never final) of your purpose and your strengths as you taken the Gallup's Builder Profile 10 ® or Gallup Strengths Finder for Students (Purchase your online access code) or Traitify.
  2. Practice: Well before today arrived, you've used Big Interview to practice your elevator pitch on where you've come from, where you are today, and where you're going. You also thought of some answers to commonly asked interview questions, there are hundreds of them on Google. You know that value and skills you can bring to the role on Day 1.
  3. Research: Since you've practiced your elevator pitch, you don't need to waste time on that. Instead, you can focus on researching the role/company/industry on The Muse and found out about cool things happening there by checking out people that work at the company on LinkedIn.
  4. Mindset: Get in the game. You've prepared for this moment, practiced and are ready to win.

For more recommendations, the complete Triton Career Guide can be downloaded in Handshake. Download a few pages to get you started.