Erik Mjoen

Associate Director, Industry Engagement

My role at UC San Diego

My main mission is create career opportunities for the students and alumni from UC San Diego within technology and engineering by building relationships with employers and various stakeholders who have a vested recruitment or engagement interest in our students and our campus as a whole.

My career path

After finishing college I entered the recruiting world where I spent 15+ years working with a diverse group of technology companies ranging from small venture funded start-ups to large public corporations here in California as well as Nationally.  As a full-desk recruiter I worked closely with both candidates and hiring managers focusing on both technical and management related positions.  This experience ultimately opened the door to the Industry Engagement team at UCSD which I could not be more excited to be part of.

The rewards in doing what I do

I’ve had the pleasure of recruiting, working with and mentoring many students throughout my career and witnessed their growth and development.  This job is unique in that provides an opportunity to impact the lives of so many incredible students by creating career connections with top employers and thus enabling the realization of their unlimited potential.

My words of wisdom to students

When you are a student you have a unique opportunity to try new things – do it!  It only gets harder later.  Try to gain experience beyond your academic studies whether it’s through a part time job, volunteer work, research project, or even independent initiatives.  Employers are always looking for students who show initiative and can bring some additional competencies to the table.  Also, don’t worry about landing your dream job right away.  Your career is a journey with different chapters and your accumulation of experiences and connections will open new, and sometime unexpected, doors.  Lastly, don’t wait with developing your network.  Relationships are perhaps your most valuable asset as you go through life and to your career.

In my free time...

In my free time I live an active and outdoors centric life with my wife and two girls which includes surfing, hiking, camping, skiing, running, travel, coaching kids soccer, and home brewing.  I’m also involved in the community through my volunteer work with Rotary helping to serve youth, community service, and international development projects.