Michelle Tillman

Associate Director, Industry Engagement

My role at UC San Diego

I am here to advocate for UC San Diego’s veteran talent, and the talent of our diverse student population. I build partnerships with employers to increase job and internship opportunities for our social sciences, arts and humanities students and alumni. 

My career path

My career path was paved by the relationships I have built through the years. One of my former classmates from my graduate program at the University of San Diego referred me to an opportunity at the Career Services Center in 2012. Since then, I was hired on full-time as an Employment Services Advisor and later promoted to Associate Director of Industry Engagement. Prior to UC San Diego, I was an Employment Outreach Specialist for a nonprofit organization and a Vocational Education/Rehabilitation Counselor working with transitioning military service members, both of which were made possible by another classmate from my graduate program. 

The rewards in doing what I do

Giving back. I am so thankful for the people who believed in me, saw my potential and helped me to be who I am today. I find it rewarding to share this gift with others.

My words of wisdom to students

The most important thing is relationships. I believe that we were never meant to accomplish anything on our own. We need each other. Sooner or later you will realize that the world is getting smaller and smaller.

In my free time...

I love to go on dates with my husband Percy and have "Mommy and Me" times with each of my kids.