Experience Abroad

Skills gained from studying abroad

Studying abroad could give you an edge in the job market

While abroad

  • Get involved in extra-curricular activities, volunteer, or obtain an internship
  • Connect with alumni in your host country through the Alumni Advisor Network or through the local UCSD Alumni club
  • Gather contact information for people you meet abroad who could expand your network or serve as a reference

Students who study abroad:

  • Develop higher levels of global & intercultural competencies
  • Enhance cross-cultural communication skills
  • Gain appreciation for diversity and enhance ability to interact between cultures
  • Experience personal growth
  • Become better prepared for international careers
    (taken from CEA website)

Typical Skills Gained from Study Abroad
(taken from UPenn website)

Self-Development and Transferable Skills

    • Confidence
    • Independence - ability to depend on self
    • Better understanding of self (self-awareness)
    • Creativity in handling problems that come up
    • Flexibility in adapting to unfamiliar circumstances
    • Tact when discussing issues that may be viewed differently by others
    • Networking with people in country and other internationalists
    • Willingness to take risks

International or Cross-Cultural Skills

    • Language skills/general intercultural communication skills
    • Knowledge of other  cultures/customs
    • General "world travel" skills - airports, passports, public transportation, etc.

Wider Perspective on Issues

    • Ability to look at things more objectively
    • Broader understanding of issues (analyze from different perspectives)

Marketing your experience

Applying to summer internship or job in the U.S. while abroad

Prior to going abroad

  • Update resumes and profiles on Port Triton, LinkedIn, Porfolium, etc.
  • Meet with a Career Advisor or stop by drop-in hours
  • Assemble list of potential employers 

While abroad

When you return

  • Reflect on your experience and how the experience may impact your career plans
  • Meet with a Career Advisor about how to best market your international experience
  • Attend the next Career Fair
  • Update resume

Additional Resources

Working abroad

Many students look for international experience for the summer or are thinking about working abroad after graduation. What types of opportunities are out there and where should you begin?

Expectations of working abroad

First, evaluate what you have to offer to a potential employer and determine what you expect from your international experience: to be abroad and experience the culture of a different country, to work 40+ hours a week, live in modest housing, and not really have time to enjoy the lifestyle there, to gain invaluable work experience in your career field, or do you just want to live in a foreign country?

Second, where would you like to go? Select a region/or countries that you want to target and also ask yourself if you are open to either a city versus a rural environment.

Realities of working abroad

If you are thinking about interning abroad, the U.S. Department of Stateaccepts students for non-paid internships in their embassies around the world. Alternately, college graduates with a BA degree have opportunities to teach English in China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea.

Many governments, seeking to protect jobs for their own citizens, have employment restrictions against hiring citizens from other countries. However, there are short-term exchange/internship programs that students or recent graduates can participate through in order to obtain a short-term work permit to work legally in a specific country. Once you are in a host country, you would be in a better position to network and find potential employers who might be willing to sponsor your work visa so that you can stay there longer.

Next steps

Start interning or volunteering in the U.S. in the career areas that you want to work in. Develop your skills set. Network in the career fields that interest you and let people know what you want to do and what you have to offer. If you plan to study abroad, take advantage of that opportunity to intern in your career field in that host country-cultivate your contacts, leads, and network!

Work on refining your resume (both the U.S. and the host country's version).

If you are interested in working abroad by going through a particular organization, check out the information carefully. Find out if you can talk to any recent participants and ask them tough questions about what they liked/disliked about the organization; get a clear idea of what the organization can offer in terms of an internship/job so that you know what to expect; determine what, if any, support the organization can give you in the host country.

International Opportunities

UCSD students have access to Going Global, a job search engine through Port Triton as well as other online Career Development Tools. The study abroad office provides resources on more ways to go abroad during undergrad and after graduation.

Opportunities can found found at the following organizations and resources:



Search job listings by company sector, location, career level, etc.

Find a Job in Africa

Jobs opportunities by country, industry or keyword.


Australia Employment Opportunities

Links to employment related web sites

Commonwealth Employment Service

Job search by occupation and location anywhere in Australia.

Graduate Careers Council of Australia

Searchable database of job listings.


A central index of Computer, Technology and Management contract and permanent employment opportunities in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and around the World.


Career Wise

Jobs in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and beyond


Listings of academic employment for Asian scholars



Job listings (in French) by regions, career fields, company size, etc.


Links to online ads for employment, living accommodations and more for France and USA.

American Trainees in France

French American Chamber of Commerce of New York offer an international career development program for young Americans to intern in France for up to 18 months.


Mostly paid internship listings in French.


Job listings in French.

Hong Kong

HK Job 

Searchable database for job opportunities in Hong Kong

JobsDB - Interactive Recruitment Network

Job listings in various industries in Hong Kong and other Asian countries.



A job search engine for India jobs (locally and in India).


Job listings for job seekers, employers, and placement agencies.



Job listings by industries.

The Irish Jobs Page

Recruitment within Ireland, international jobs (outside of Ireland), plus special sections for engineers, accountants, and recent graduates.


Computer Jobs in Israel

Also includes 1997 Salary Survey (under Resources) and Israel economic articles (under News).



Job database for Japanese speaking graduates and undergraduates who wish to work in Japan. Registration required.

Search Beat Japan

Links to Japanese company hiring sites, job data banks, and job resources.

Latin America


Searchable database of job listings for Mexico and Latin America.


Mexico Online Jobs Classifieds

Search the online job classifieds by industries.



A searchable database of job listings from employers and job candidates.



Searchable job database by different category.



Centralized search engine to search all major Singapore job sites

South Africa

Job Navigator

A meeting place for needs in high-tech recruiting, professional contracting, training and human resource development.


Math Jobs

Job opportunities that requires math skills. Includes industries such as insurance, finance, academic, statistics, etc.

Top Jobs

Search Job listings by industry or region.



Provides career services for Thai students and professionals. Includes resume database and Job Fair schedules.

United Kingdom

B2B Marketing Jobs

A database with marketing and communications jobs in the UK.


A database of job seekers, employers and employment agencies.

Reed Online

A job net for recruitment, employment and career needs. Includes work permit information.

S-COM Computer Systems Engineers Ltd.

An employment service for computer-related jobs.


Contains job listings including entry level positions.

International Internships & Work Abroad

There are two main options to consider when seeking work, an internship, volunteer, or spending a gap year abroad. These include using the assistance of a program or making your own arrangements. When evaluating these options it is important to review several factors including: the fees and costs involved in using the assistance of a program as well as considering the time and persistence it will take for you to make your own arrangements. Discover which option works best for you. Discuss it with a Career Services Center advisor.

Getting Started Guide 

Work Abroad Guide and Options 

UCSD Intern Abroad Assistance 

Transition Tips for Living and Working Abroad 

Career or Internship Advising at Career Services

National Association of International Educators 

Work Abroad Tips 

UCSD TEFL Certificate Program for Teaching Abroad 

Tips for Living within the European Union 

Make Your Own Arrangements

See links under “Guide” section for additional job boards & advice

International Career Resources 

International Company Internships 

Au Pair and Nanny Jobs Abroad 

Community Groups in Great Britain 


International Health Internships 

Intern Abroad 

Teach Abroad 


Transitions & Internships Abroad 

U.S. Commercial Service 

U.S. Department of State 


UCSD Undergraduate and Graduate Fulbright Program 

SEALNet Service Leadership

Use the Assistance of a Program

UCSD Programs Abroad Options

UCSD International Center - Study & Work Abroad 

UCSD Global Seminars 

UCSD Academic Internship Program 

UCSD Pacific Rim Undergraduate Research Experiences 

UCSD Experience Link for International Programs   

Fee Based Programs Abroad

Teaching Abroad Resources

All Asia 


ELS Language Centers
Teach English Abroad - Reach to Teach

Volunteer in Asia

CIEE Teach in China/Thailand Program 
Colorado China Council


JET Programme 
AEON Inter-Cultural Corporation
GOES Language Corporation
Kohgakusha Co, Ltd.
NOVA Group
O-Hayo Sensei - Newsletter of Teaching Jobs in Japan
Westgate Corporation



Taiwan Korea
Hess Educational Organization Epik
Worldwide Talk

Cultural Homestay International  
Dave's ESL Job Board

English Language Teaching Assistant Program
Footprints Recruiting

World Teach
Fullbright English Teaching Assistant Program
American Schools abroad

Teach Away

Go Abroad

Latin America


For additional help, come into the Career Services Center for drop-in hours or schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor via Port Triton.