Studying abroad can add some adventure to your academic journey. In fact, you can gain valuable skills and perspective that will help you in your career development.

There are many items that come up when preparing to study abroad ranging from: finding a program, finances, academics, how to apply and much more. Make sure to work closely with UC San Diego Study Abroad to make sure you have everything covered.

There so many positive things that come from and involve study abroad. While you are looking over all the options and places around the world, consider the impact on you and your career.

Think about some questions you may have about how this could benefit you for career development. You may also wonder both big picture and details. Make sure to ask the questions regarding what you want to know. There are many people to support you on your journey to studying abroad.

A number of Campus Advisors, especially at UC San Diego Study Abroad can assist you. Career Coaches can help give some ideas regarding career readiness and how you might incorporate your career goals into your study abroad experience. You may want to follow up with a Coach to see how your experience can play a role in your future career development.