National Student Employment Week

During the second full week of April every year college campuses across the country celebrate and recognize student workers during National Student Employment Week. Student workers can be celebrated any time of the year, but the Student Employment Office would like to make this week a new tradition for appreciating Triton workers on our campus. This year National Student Employment Week is April 12th-18th 2020.


Ways to Appreciate Your Triton Workers (PDF)

  • Contact the Student Employment Office to request an appreciation poster be delivered to an on-campus office. Full-time employees can write comments on the poster and sign it. Display this poster in your office, break room, or other common area. Posters are 20" x 28" and supplies are limited.

  • Print and cut out these fun tag lines to give your students a small gift, such as a donut (“We donut know what we would do without you!”), gum (“Thanks for the extra work you do!”), or candy (“Working with you is sweet. Thank you for all your hard work!”). Other ideas: a bag of chips (“You’re all that and a bag of Chips!”), Milky Way candy bar (“You’re out of this world!”), or peanuts (“We’re nuts about you!”).

  • Print out these certificates of appreciation or create your own to give to your Triton Workers. (Example 1, Example 2)

  • Join the conversation by recognizing your students on your department’s social media by using the hashtags #TritonWorker, #NationalStudentEmploymentWeek, and #NSEW2020.

  • Recognize your student employees in your department newsletter, website, or staff meeting.

  • Decorate an office bulletin board or office door for the week in recognition of you student employees.

  • Have a potluck staff meeting to celebrate student employees achievements.

  • Make “goodie bags” of snacks or treats with a personal note that tells your students why you appreciate them.

  • Create fun awards such as Longest Commute (to work), Weirdest Job, Above & Beyond, Perfect Attendance.

  • Buy a card and have all full-time employees in your department of office write a short note of appreciation inside.  

Please email the Student Employment Office if you are interested in participating or have any questions.