This year's National Student Employment Week will be April 7th - 13th 2024

Ways to Appreciate Your Triton Student Employees

Whether your student employees are working in-person or remotely, we encourage you to use your creativity to celebrate your student employees in new and exciting ways! Remember: this is a WEEK-LONG celebration, not just one day. So try and do something different every day of the week to express your appreciation for your student employees. 

  • Say, Thank You!
  • How to Celebrate Your Student Employees Infographic. 
  • Create an appreciation video with your team/department to share with your student employees.
  • Design a "National Student Employee Week" Zoom virtual background to use during meetings with your students.
  • Decorate office space; Make a banner!  
  • Use this certificate of appreciation or create your own to give to your Triton Employees. (Example 1)
  • Join the conversation by recognizing your students (upon their consent) on your department’s social media by using the hashtags #TritonEmployee, #NationalStudentEmploymentWeek, and #NSEW2024.
  • Recognize your student employees in your department newsletter, website, or staff meeting.
  • Create fun awards, such as Weirdest Job, Above & Beyond, Perfect Attendance. 
  • Create a fun "Who's Who" superlative contest, such as Most Likely to Create the Next Viral Meme, Most Likely to Find Buried Treasure, or Most Likely to Win the Lottery, but then Lose the Ticket, and see who people connect with each option. 
  • Create an e-card and have all department employees write a short note of appreciation.  
  • E-giftcards, goodie bags, snacks. Get creative!

If you don’t have the monetary resources to put together any of the ideas mentioned above, let your students know how much you appreciate them and their hard work. You can write a thank you card/note or nominate your student for the Triton Student Employee of the Year Award.

Triton Student Employee of the Year Award

The winners of the 2023 Triton Student Employee of the Year Award can be found on this "Meet the Triton Student Employees of the Year" webpage

  • Nominations for the 2024 Triton Student Employee of the Year award are now open. Identified student employee supervisors should have received an email with more information and instructions for submitting nominations. 
  • One nominee from each Vice Chancellor area will be selected as recipient of the Triton Student Employee of the Year Award.
  • Each recipient will be contacted by the end of April. 
  • All award recipients will receive an exclusive award package.
  • All nominees will be entered to win a Triton Cash gift card.
  • *Students can only win this award 1x during their time at UC San Diego. 
  • Helpful Tips for Writing a Nomination Letter.



Sponsored by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs & Vice Chancellor for Advancement.