Consider Joining or Starting a Business

Are you an entrepreneur, an innovator, a leader? Then a business focus might be a good fit. Business professions offer a wide range of opportunities–from running your own company to managing financial statements to overseeing product development. Business is a life skill, not just a career pursuit.

Explore Professions

Business encompasses many functions and career fields and there are a lot of tools to help you determine the right fit for your purpose and set of skills, interests, and expectations.

Business Core Competencies are skills that will better prepare you for success in a business career. While some of the competencies are innate, many of them can be developed or enhanced with a concerted effort:

  • problem solving
  • organizational comprehension
  • financial acumen
  • management skills
  • marketing analytics
  • technical competencies
  • team relationship building
  • consulting frameworks

Average Salaries

Take a detailed look at average salaries

Build Your Network

A robust network can be as helpful in finding that next outcome to leverage your academic experience. Get out there and engage with your fellow Tritons, and take advantage of the on-campus opportunities to meet prospective employers.

Gain Experience

Gaining experience doesn't’t just mean internships and work study, although those are great ways to hone your skills. You can also get relevant experience in your classes, student organizations, research, and student worker projects.

Business Certifications

Check out these additional resources:

Prep for Grad School

If you’re thinking about going to graduate school, you’ll want to prepare early. Most graduate school applications are due in the late fall/early winter of the academic year before you want to attend. Some steps take time so plan ahead!

  • Schools and Programs -use the links below to identify programs with a curriculum, faculty, facilities, and services that meet your needs, as well as the admissions criteria and cost.


Invest in Your Future: Full-time MBA Costs and Financing

Explore student loans, scholarships, and get financial planning advice

Get the Offer

Take a look at available jobs on HandshakeOur exclusive partnerships with leading companies connect you to the right people to get your foot in the door. Some of our partners include: 

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Start your own business and hire your friends

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Not sure where to being? Start by creating a Business Plan using the Business Model Canvas and solving a problem with a Design Thinking mindset.